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Here's What Tommy Lee Drumming For SMASHING PUMPKINS Sounds Like

Spoiler: Sounds not so good.

Spoiler: Sounds not so good.

A few months ago we asked why is Motley Crue's Tommy Lee playing on the next Smashing Pumpkins record? Why not, I guess, right?

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Well, it happened and now the output has been made available. Lee drummed on Pumpkins' entire new album, Monument To An Elegy and now the first single has surfaced and it's very meh. I mean, if you like anything the Smashing Pumpkins or Corgan have done in the last decade then you might enjoy this. But, if you stopped checking in with the band sometime after Siamese Dream, you're really not missing anything.  Here it is, I dare you to get through more than 30 seconds of it:

Very meh! Monument To An Elegy is out December 9.

[Painfully, via MetalSucks]

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