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Head From KORN Got Possibly The Dumbest Tattoo Of All Time!

I always thought I would get a tattoo. In my 20's, I was ready to go for it, but just couldn't think of anything meaningful to get put on my body permanently. Then, I hit 30 and realized, hey maybe I don't want a tattoo?

Don't get me wrong, I love me some sweet ink, but personally, I am of the belief that it should all go below the neck. If I'm being a tattoo nazi, I would say arms and legs only, with exceptions for certain chest/back pieces. Absolutely no nautical stars ever! But these are just my rules.

Head from Korn clearly doesn't agree with my philosophy, as he has many, many tattoos, and over the weekend added another tatty to his collection ON THE OUTSIDE OF HIS EYELID!!!! 

I didn't even know this was a thing. As somebody who thinks those hidden inner-lip tattoos are actually kind of cool, I cannot sensibly understand why anybody would do this. Here's a closeup of the final tat:


It's the Jewish symbol for God in the feminine division, as explained by  Wikipedia

“Shekinah, Shechinah, Shechina, or Schechinah (Hebrew: שכינה‎), is the English spelling of a grammatically feminine Hebrewname of God in Judaism. The original word means the dwelling or settling, and denotes the dwelling or settling of the Divine Presence of God, especially in the Temple in Jerusalem.”

The irony of course is that Jews aren't too excited about tattoos as it's seen as defiling the body, although I've read that's a very conservative viewpoint and most Jews don't care, myself included.

Granted, I'm being an old fogey here, as I was when I questioned Frankie Palmeri how he expected to get a job with a neck tattoo, but I just can't comprehend how he thought this was a good idea.

Do you think it looks kool?

Check out some more stories about heavy metal tattoos, some good, most bad.

[ThePRP by way of MetalSucks]

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