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EQUILIBRIUM Holding Open Auditions For New Vocalist

Go for it!


Folk metal band Equilibrium recently parted ways with vocalist Robse, who fronted the band between 2010 and present day. The band is now holding open auditions for the vocalist spot with the below requirements:

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"Hi everybody,

"We’re excited to share the news that we’re launching an open audition to look for our new vocalist! Some of you might be asking what we’re looking for exactly? We’re looking for a highly experienced vocalist with a variety of harsh vocal techniques. Clean singing is definitely a plus but not a must.

"Our new member should have both band and live experience and be curious about traveling to other countries and cities. We need someone who is also able to have enough time for touring. As the band consists of international band members, it's important for us to be able to integrate our new member properly and efficiently, hence proper English skills are a must. German skills would be a wonderful addition but are not obligatory. However, German lyrics need to be learned anyway, since some of our songs are written in German.

"On a deeper level we‘d love to connect with an energetic, positive, driven, mature and individual personality. You need to feel connected to your soul and emotions. You need to have strong values and morals. You need to be passionate about music, recording, and willing to commit to this unique, world embracing ride with us that is called Equilibrium.

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"If the Equilibrium story resonates with you (or someone you know), here is what you have to do:

"We have prepared 3 tracks for you ("Renegades instrumental", "Rise Again instrumental" and "Blut im Auge") to download here: Pick one or more of these songs and record your own version. Try not to imitate the originals, we want to hear YOUR style and character! Film your performance so that we can get the best first impression of you. You’re more than welcome to introduce yourself and tell us a bit about you.

"You can upload your performance to any upload service, (i.e YouTube, Instagram, Dropbox etc.) and send the links to [email protected]. You can also send us a direct message on Instagram or Facebook.

"We are curious and excited to receive your takes on our music!"

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