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We're Pretty Sure Jim Root's STONE SOUR Beef Is With Guitarist Josh Rand

"There are certain people in that band that are just extremely impatient."

"There are certain people in that band that are just extremely impatient."

Stone Sour dismissed Jim Root earlier this year, over the phone I may add, and ever since, Root hasn't hid his feelings about the band.

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Last week, he mentioned that at least one member of the band is only concerned with money.

At the time, through the power of deduction, I assumed he was talking about guitarist Josh Rand. It definitely can't be drummer Roy Mayorga or bassist Johnny Chow because both of those are relatively new hires, and most likely get paid on a session rate. I doubt they have much say in the decisions.

So that only leaves Josh and frontman Corey Taylor, who Root is of course in Slipknot with, as the ones who Root may have a problem with.

Except Root doesn't have a problem with Corey Taylor!

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In a new interview with the podcast Triple J Racket, he talked more about his split.

First he talks about how somebody in Stone Sour was a bit impatient when it came to putting the band on hold to focus on Slipknot efforts:

“I think, in some ways, there are certain people in that band that are just extremely impatient, and they think that they need to have everything that they have, and they need to realize that the only reason they have anything of what they have is because Slipknot made it possible for them to have what they have. Slipknot has graciously and kindly stepped aside and let this other band do everything that it’s ever needed or wanted to do, yet this band can’t seem to take a break for Slipknot to do what it needs to do. And, I don’t know… For me, it seemed like it was a little bit of a smack in the face. So it just got to the point, for me, where I couldn’t stand it anymore, and I needed to work on Slipknot, it was apparent, and it was becoming more and more apparent the more shows that we were doing. And that’s essentially how that sort of happened.”

Then, he goes out of his way to make it clear that his problem is not with Corey Taylor, as Taylor was the only person in Stone Stour who understood what Root was going through:

“I’ve never had a problem with Corey. You know what I mean? Corey and I understand each other a lot better than anybody else from the other bands could, because we’ve been pullng double duty for all these years. And when you’ve got other people in the bands that you’re in that don’t share that common thing, they could never really understand what it is. And after a while you become so spread thin that it becomes really hard to give a hundred percent to both things, and eventually there comes a time where you have to say, ‘Enough is enough,’ and, ‘I need to put my focus a hundred percent into what it is that made this all possible for all of us,’ And let’s face it: Slipknot is a world-class, cult-status band, and it’s where my passion lies.

That’s not to say I’m not passionate about Stone Sour—I’m absolutely passionate about everything that I contributed to Stone Sour—but there are certain people in that band that have a different idea of what Stone Sour should be, and I don’t necessarily wanna be in a radio band, so to speak, you know what I mean? I’d rather be creative and be artistic and be able to play intricate music that moves and really takes you on a journey. About the closest Stone Sour ever came to that were the two records that we just released, and I don’t know that they’ll ever do that again in the future.”

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I'm no psychologist, but it's very clear where the issue laid… it was with the one dude who's only priority is Stone Sour and that man is Josh Rand.

But again, this is pure speculation on my part.

[via ThePRP]

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