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THE ACACIA STRAIN Frontman Tells KORN's Jonathan Davis To "Get A Grip"

The world only needs one Dave Mustaine.

The world only needs one Dave Mustaine.

Last week Korn's frontman Jonathan Davis spoke out about some pretty serious concerns he had about our government, including labeling US President Barack Obama a dictator. The Illuminati, man! Obama and the American police state! You get the picture. The Acacia Strain's Vincent Bennett took to Twitter over the weekend to tell Davis exactly what was on his mind.

“Yo Jonathan Davis; get a grip. This isn’t the x-files. Insane political rants for attention. Ok. 'I’m not a political person, but (insert 9 pages of internet fed beliefs, illuminati, lizard people, etc).'”

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I thought that exact same thing when I was reading thorough Davis' verbal vomit. He claims he's not political but then spews out all these dumb conspiracy nut buzzwords and really goes to town about politics. Pretty political for a non-political dude, Davis! Maybe stick to Korn, yeah?

Meanwhile, Bennett faced a bit of hilarious backlash over his comments, which he retweeted:

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