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SEBASTIAN BACH Cuts Off Interview After Rob Halford Joke; JUDAS PRIEST Frontman Responds In The Best Way

sebastian bach rob halford

Professional comedy is hard, that's why not everybody can do it. Perhaps Sebastian Bach doesn't understand how difficult it is to do good comedy, because he cut off an appearance during a recent edition of The SDR Show.

Sebastian Bach was discussing having to do vocal exercises and then revealed his friend Judas Priest frontman Rob Halford told Bach that Halford never has to do vocal exercises. Comedy pro Big Jay Oakerson saw this as an opportunity to show why he is a professional comedian, and chimed in with “[Halford’s] exercise is probably something gay he doesn’t wanna tell ya.” Oakerson continued with a British accent, “You gotta gargle jizz, but I dunno how to tell you that, Sebastian.”

Now that's professional comedy. The type of comedy you gotta work out in the clubs for years before you get the timing and pacing right. Joe Schmoe on the street could never come up with comedy that original, but it seems like Sebastian Bach is not one to recognize such comedic talents, because he didn't find that original piece of comedy funny in the least.

In fact, Bach responded almost instantly saying “Dude, could you not wreck this interview? Seriously, Rob Halford is a friend of mine… so spare the comments… Maybe you should skip those kinds of comments.”

The hosts tried to move on, noting that Halford was actually going to be a guest on the show next week, but as they were attempting to pivot, Bach disconnected the call. While some might criticize Bach for perhaps being too stiff, we commend him on being a good friend.

Naturally, on the following week's show, they discussed the incident with Halford. And, as evidenced by our own interview, Halford is nothing but an upmost professional himself. Also, if you've read his book, the man has some serious comedic chops himself, and clearly has been around professional comedians before. I have a feeling Rob's heard this sort of humor before, so when the hosts were telling the story, Halford interrupted and quipped:

“I don’t gargle, I swallow. And… I’ve always wanted to be roasted at a comic roast, so if you guys, at some point, after this pandemic is over, if you can put me in that roast chair, I would love that.”

Halford is nothing if not a mensch. You can watch both interviews below.

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