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Scott Weiland Is Probably Lying

He claims he only did Art of Anarchy as a favor, but is that really true?

He claims he only did Art of Anarchy as a favor, but is that really true?

A few months ago, a new supergroup of sorts was announced which featured Scott Weiland as their frontman… Art of Anarchy. The day after the announcement Weiland distanced himself from the group, saying he was never in the band and just lent his voice to the project.

"I was never in [Art of Anarchy]. It was something I did when I wasn't doing anything. I was asked to write some lyrics and sing some melodies on this project, but it's not a band I'm in."

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But, at the time, it was even more odd that even though he said he just lent vocals, why did he pose for promo photos? In a recent interview with, Weiland further elaborates:

Were you surprised when the band Art of Anarchy, a project you only did vocals for, put out a press release saying it was a new supergroup that you were a member of?
No. Actually I wish I could say I was surprised, but I wasn’t surprised. It was a scam from the beginning.

Did you ever actually, other than the photo shoot, work with those guys or did you just lay down vocals in your studio and send it off?
No. I had them send me the files and I worked in my studio with my engineer and I wrote the lyrics and the melodies and I sent them back. I didn’t even know what their names were.

You just got the music and agreed to do it and you didn’t even know who they were?
No. I had no idea who they were.

There was just an album that needed vocals and you had some free time and said “why not?”
No. I was paid to do it. But they were an unsigned band and they’re still an unsigned band. Hey. They’re gonna put it out on the internet and as fate will have it they don’t even have a lead singer. I’m not worried about it taking away any thunder from The Wildabouts.”

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Also, a music video was released earlier this week and look who is front and center… Scott Weiland.

You have to assume this video was shot months after the record was finished, since they'd need playback for the video. And it looks like there were a good amount of scenes shot, requiring a few days worth of work. Clearly this was more than just Scott helping out in his free time. He's putting forth effort here!

You might be thinking, is Scott back on drugs? But apparently, he is not. He claims he hasn't shot up in 13 years. So it makes me really wonder why he would be lying like this? There is a part of the story that Scott is not going into detail about.

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