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PYROMANIA: Taking Authenticity Too Far?

Posted on January 11, 2011

by: Jeremy Ulrey

Dallas-based Def Leppard cover band Pyromania are taking (presumably unexpected) abuse this morning as news spreads through viral circles that they have sought – and found! – a one armed drummer.  In particular, a Huntington Beach, CA cover band by the same name (no big coincidence, as it was the title of Def Lep's best album) has taken grievous exception to what they deem "complete [sic] disgusting and disrespectful behavior" and are currently in damage control mode in an attempt to distinguish themselves from the Dallas ensemble.

Hell, the whole thing even warranted an irreverent mention on Daniel Tosh's Tosh.0 blog.

You'll find the flyer used for advertising the position above.  In all the furor over the offensiveness of the situation, one alarming fact seems to be getting overlooked:  the band specify among the job requirements that applicants must have their own "flame retardent [sic, again… neither of these fucking bands can spell for shit] kit".  Just what in the fuck are they planning on putting this poor guy through?

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