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P.O.D. Are Offended For Katy Perry: "She's No Backup Singer"

It's okay guys! She'll be fine.

It's okay guys! She'll be fine.

A few days back, we discovered that Katy Perry once appeared on a POD track. At the time, we wrote that Perry was a backup singer for the band.

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The story went viral and P.O.D. enjoyed more publicity than they've recieved in years. So much so, that they had to go on Twitter to be like "please mention our new album"

Anyway, something didn't sit right with P.O.D. They didn't like that Perry was being referred to as their "backup singer" and would much rather people acknowledge her as a guest collaborator. They felt so strongly about this that they recorded a video saying that she was a collaborator and they've collaborated with a lot of great musicians.

"Yes, we're still a band!" – at least they have a sense of humor about the whole situation. We obviously meant no offense by calling Perry a backup singer, and if anybody should be offended, it should be Perry. But I guess she's too busy counting her millions of dollars.

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POD's new album is called The Awakening and they are currently touring with Insane Clown Posse in support of it.

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