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MINISTRY's Al Jourgensen Thinks SLAYER's Kerry King Is A "Douchebag"

How pleasant! Minsitry's Al Jourgensen is not a man who keeps quiet about his opinions, he shouts them from the rooftops. And, while on a promo tour for his new book, Ministry: The Lost Gospels According To Al Jourgensen, he decided to take some shots a guy he doesn't seem to like very much, Slayer guitarist Kerry King.

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In his new book, Jourgensen refers to Slayer as "unlistenable noise" and calls King an asshole. He also shares this story of a backstage altercation with the band at an event they were both playing:

When we got there Slayer were in the trailer. We wanted in, and they had been offstage for a while. We said, "C'mon, man. Get out of the trailer!" They told us, "Fuck you!" So my crew and I tipped the trailer with Slayer in it over into the fjord. They scrambled out of the lake like spiders, cursing at us, but they should have known better than to start a fight with us. We didn't talk for years. Then I became friends with all those guys except Kerry King—he's not a nice person. He's got a chip on his shoulder, and he hated Mikey [Scaccia], which means I hate him. If you hate my little brother, I'll stick up for him.

The Gauntlet contacted Jourgensen about the quote and got another quote of a time the band was playing the House of Blues in Disneyland and King showed up backstage:

"We were doing a show at House of Blues Disneyland in Anaheim and he [Kerry King] came backstage, drank our beer, ate our food and then told me that Mikey [Scaccia] is a shitty guitar player and that we sucked and we will never be Slayer. I mean what a douchebag. You don't go back into somebodies dressing room drink their beer and tell them they are douchebags. Why would you even want to go back there unless you are an asshole."

Jeez, Al, tell us how you really feel. It's hard to really pick a side in this story because Jourgensen's track record isn't exactly crystal clear. But, while I don't want to pick a side, it's fun to sit back, grab some popcorn and watch the drama unfold.

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