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Max Cavalera's Wife Calls Out SEPULTURA As Both Bands Get Booked On The Same Fest

The Sepultura drama continues.

The Sepultura drama continues.

Back in 2010, it looked like we were very very close to a true Sepultura reunion, until guitarist Andreas Kisser put the kebosh on it. Afterwards, there was a lot ofmudslinging on both sides, and every few months, Max would come up and say something like he felt betrayed by Andreas while still holding out hope for a reunion, until finally conceding it would never happen.

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So instead of looking for a reunion, Max and his brother Igor planned to embark on a tour this year to celebrate the 20th anniversary of Sepultura's classic album Roots, without the other dudes who are still playing those songs on tour. Things got a little awkward when Amnesia Rockfest announced their lineup yesterday, which included both "Max & Igor Cavalera Back To Roots"  AND the current iteration of Sepultura.


Posted by Amnesia Rockfest on Wednesday, March 23, 2016

This festival promoter gets an added bonus of some free publicity about how insane the booking is, but it gets even more dramatic.

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Gloria Cavalera, wife of Max, and essentially the reason Max left Sepultura (the rest of the band fired her as their manager and Max quit in protest of the decision) posted an indirect dig at Sepultura on Facebook yesterday, saying the band is jealous of Max's success:

How sad to be obsessed with Max and me for 20 years…. You have not one memorable achievement in all these years. You desperately book a FREE show the same day as Soulfly, whose show has been booked for much longer? You wasted your life watching Max… Pretty jealous in your camp, eh? Have fun being envious till your last breath… We stand with our Tribe!

Posted by Gloria Cavalera on Thursday, March 24, 2016

Everybody, take a chill pill, okay? Let's all relax and remember why we're here, to play some music.

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