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MAX CAVALERA Pens Letter To His Younger Self, Feels "Betrayed" By Former Bandmates

They took his band away!

They took his band away!

Here we go again! While Andreas Kisser has no regrets about the Sepultura split, founding frontman Max Cavalera has said he felt Andreas held the band hostage.

As part of RockSound's recurring feature, "A Letter To My Younger Self," Max wrote this to himself:

Life is full of surprises and dreams, if I was to say something to my younger self I think most of all I would tell him to find his dream, believe in that dream and conquer that dream!

I always felt that God had put me on Earth to do special things and meet special people. I’m so proud of the family that I built and the wife I found, which was foretold to me by a psychic lady from Brazil. She said I was going to marry a foreigner and one day have a castle. I’m still waiting and working on getting my castle, but I did find the perfect wife. We are so good together. We work together, dream together, go on adventures together and she has truly been a blessing in my life. She gave me two amazing sons and I adopted five others including Dana, who is sadly no longer with us in flesh but is always with us in spirit.

Want some advice? Listen to this woman. She told me to trademark the use of my camouflage pants. I didn’t do it, I was trying to be ‘punk’. I’m sure I was one of the first people to wear camouflage pants in the metal world. Today it is everywhere. Listen to her, get that trademark and we’ll be rich!

Another thing I didn’t predict in my young days is that some of my friends would betray me and take away the band that I started as a teenager back in Brazil. Like I say, life is full of surprises, but I believe everything was meant to be. Stay with it. I never knew I would have such a battle with addiction, when I was young I loved to get drunk and high, but it started to impact my music and personal life.

A change was needed and an intervention was made, thanks to my wife and family I decided to try and quit everything and be a better person. It was hard, I was born with the disease of addiction in me, but today I’m free of that disease. Music is my main goal in life again, my advice is don’t take as long as I did to make that right.

I love my family, a true metal family that I wouldn’t trade for anything in the world. It has been the most amazing journey ever, but I feel it’s only half done. I’ve still got so much to do and to offer…but I’m still waiting for my castle.


Max pulls no punches here. A few things come off a bit humorous to this reader:

(1) Max believes in psychics

(2) Max believes he could've somehow trademarked cammo pants.

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