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Marc Rizzo Claims SOULFLY Didn't Support Him During The Pandemic

soulfly marc rizzo

After fans being perplexed by the addition of Fear Factory guitarist Dino Cazares to their live lineup, Soulfly has finally announced they've parted ways with guitarist Marc Rizzo. Rizzo played in the band for 18 years and said he's currently very focused on a slew of new solo projects at the moment.

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Rizzo said in a recent interview with Rock Talks that Soulfly didn't support him at all during the pandemic, and that he saw no income from the band's 2020 live EP Live Ritual NYC MMXIX. Rizzo also credited the COVID-19 pandemic for allowing him to take a step back and realize that he was no longer happy in the band.

"This has been a very difficult year. I got no support from Soulfly. There was no sort of loans that were taken out for the band members or the crew. This is just the honest thing of what happened. I had to go back and get a day job. I was doing home renovations, working very hard, 10 hours a day. A [Soulfly] live record came out [last year]. I never saw a dime off that. So, basically, within the [first] six months, seven months of COVID, I just said, 'You know, man, I don't want this anymore. I gave you guys 18 years of my life.' And it was a great time.

"Back in the good years, it was great. But the last I'd say eight to 10 years have not been very good. [I was] away from my family. Scheduling is crazy. It was impossible to have a personal life, see my family, make plans with my family. So, basically, six months into COVID, it was just, like, I don't even wanna do this anymore. I'd rather just concentrate on my solo project and spend time with my family where I'm happy, where I get my credit for everything I do.

"I put 18 years in. It's a long, long time to be in the band. When COVID hit, I felt like, what have I been doing these last 18 years? Normally, you work a day job, you get support during a pandemic like COVID. And I was working very hard. I was doing plumbing, electric. Finally, my very good friend Nic Bell at Godsize Booking, he was, like, 'Listen, dude, I can get you back on the road to the states in America that are open.'

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"So he got me to Montana, Texas, Florida, doing my solo project. And I was able to quit my job and get back on track playing music for a living and making money. Big props to Nic Bell, 'cause he was one of the few people that supported me during the pandemic and helped me to get back on the road. Again, I got no support whatsoever from anyone else. So, it's a good thing. Again, I'm very excited about the future."

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