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Layne Staley's Mom Is Suing ALICE IN CHAINS For Royalties

Layne's mom Nancy McCallum is suing the band over royalties, which really is just a damn shame if she's right. Where's the love anymore?

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It's amazing to see how much money is ruining relationships in recent times with bigger bands (not that it hasn't beforehand). I hate to bring it up with the death of Hanneman, but look at the whole Slayer debacle. Really? You're going to ruin a long-time relationship with your friends over cash?

According to Seattle Post-Intelligencer:

Staley’s mother Nancy McCallum contends the surviving members of Alice in Chains owe her half of the money due Staley – about 16 percent of the hard rock band’s income. According to the lawsuit, the band has attempted to cut her out of any further payments.

Attorneys for the band contend McCallum illegally attempted to trademark the Alice in Chains name and that she has already been paid far more than she is due. Staley’s ex-bandmates also say Staley’s heirs will be able to collect royalties on songs he wrote or co-wrote, while arguing McCallum no longer has a role in the band’s business decisions.

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Had Staley not tragically passed away and should the band have decided to continue on without him, he would not be recieving any further royalties from music he was not a part of, so I understand the band's side in this case. At the same time, the band did say they were getting back together to honor Staley's memory and this kind of puts a damper on that whole scenario, as well as their relationship with his mother, which was all peaches as recently as 2008 when the above photo was taken.

[thanks MetalSucks]

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