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LAMB OF GOD's Randy Blythe Digs LITURGY, Calls Them Out For Pretentious Interviews

If you don't follow Randy Blythe on Instagram, you're missing out on some great stories and great photographs. Every now and then, Randy will even talk about a band that he likes. Last night, Randy picked out a Liturgy song that he dug but then went on to call the band out on their pretentiousness. I love Randy!

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That's the song which Randy posted a screenshot of with the following message:

This is a good song. I don't know much about the band, except (after watching an incredibly trying 6 minute interview & reading a wee bit about them) that: a) they are from Brooklyn (probably Williamsburg from the slovenly look of them) & b) they should never ever do interviews. Pseudo-intellectual posturing only comes off well if you don't insert "um, like" in between every other word. Stick to writing- you appear smarter & maybe someone besides 7th graders will take you seriously. Regardless of their ridiculously overblown pronouncements about how different their musical writing & playing process is (um, like, despite the use of 25 cent words, it um, like still sounds like your um, like , any other band), despite a terrible haircut or two, Liturgy managed to write a few good tunes. Check this song out- just don't read any interviews for Pete's sake. I guess I will go see them live, probably at some art gallery or some such shit, if I can stand the smell of PBR & mustache wax long enough.

Nailed it! If you've ever seen a Liturgy interview, you'd know exactly what Randy's talking about:

My eyes hurt from rolling to the back of my head so much. In case you're intersted in reading his bullshit manifesto, you can check it out here. After being criticized by a fan for calling out Liturgy, Blythe responded they open themselves up to criticism by writing that ridiculous manifesto and he feels entitled to call somebody out because he is a peer and they are both metal musicians.

Pretentious bands, you are on notice. Randy is watching you!

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