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KORN Frontman Jonathan Davis To "Close Minded" Metal Purists Who Hate BABYMETAL: "Calm Down"

Apparently this is still an issue.

Apparently this is still an issue.

Babymetal has been around since 2010, and has pretty much been hated on by every metal purist since the second they got popular. Bands like Dragonforce and Abbath have voiced how much they love Babymetal, Lamb Of God loves 'em, Behemoth's Nergal says he's not a fan, celebrities weren't really sure what the hell was going on, and now Korn's Jonathan Davis says the band is "the whole package, it's the whole thing." Davis' admiration comes as no surprise as Korn invited Babymetal to open for them on their recent summer tour. Davis' bandmate, Brian Welch even got in makeup and performed with Babymetal during one of the gigs.

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In an interview with Musik Express, Davis was asked why he thinks people say Babymetal is destroying music, and his response is simple – calm down.

"It's just closed-minded people. I mean, from both sides of it — there's purist metal people that are just pure about their music and want this, and it's gotta be a certain way. And then there's the other people that just… It's music, and if you dig it, you dig it. Who cares? It's not that big of a deal to like something like that. Calm down."

Seriously, just because there's a band you don't agree with getting attention out there doesn't mean it's the end of metal. For every Babymetal article, there's a handful covering weird, obscure, awesome metal bands, and vice versa.

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