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Joey Jordison Still Contradicting Corey Taylor about SLIPKNOT Future

Can't these guys get on the same page?

Can't these guys get on the same page?

We've been covering the goings-on in the Slipknot camp for a while now. Just to do some recapping: drummer Joey Jordison says everything is okay and frontman Corey Taylor constantly says he does not feel comfortable being in Slipknot anymore. The  most recent update to this dramatic saga was an interview Taylor gave in Billboard where he said "there are moments when I'm like, 'Let's keep going for (Gray),' and there are moments when I'm like, 'It's not the same without him.'"

Naturally, the next step in this vicious cycle is for somebody to interview Jordison and him to say things are going fine. Guess what? That just happened! In a recent interview with Australian radio show "The Racket", here is what he said when asked about the current status of the band:

"Everything's fine. I get questions about it all the time, of course, so I just wanna set the record straight that everything in the Slipknot camp is just like it's always been, just like since we started. It's definitely been a regrouping. We need to do this, and the people need it, and we're coming back. It's something that you definitely need to see. I'm not gonna let the cat out of the bag about what we're actually doing, but it's gonna be a definite celebration — it's gonna be the ultimate gathering, that's for sure. And everything is great in Slipknot; we had a great band meeting, and everything is on the up-and-up, and we're ready to come back. And it's happening quickly."

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Did anybody else's heart jump for a second when he used the word gathering? Back to the point at hand, looks like Joey is in denial, because everything that Corey Taylor has said in the press completely contradicts everything Joey said in that last paragraph. I think it's commendable that Joey is trying to put a happy face on the whole situation, as he seems like he doesn't want to let the 'knot fans down, whereas Taylor is just taking the honest approach. Well, either way, the band has fest shows scheduled this summer, so maybe once they go out there and feel the energy of the crowd, it will almost feel like everything is back to normal.

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