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Ex-TESTAMENT Bassist Says "It Sucks To Be Poor And Famous"

Most of us just do that first part.

Most of us just do that first part.

Man, ex-Testament bassist Greg Christian is really having a rough week! While it might have been the dude's birthday this week, he took mentioned in a Facebook post that the didn't feel like there were "any bros" in Testament. Basically that everyone was out for themselves, which always sucks to hear. Christian offered a follow-up to his initial message, and it's a total bummer:

"The bottom line is after all the history and touring — once the band got to a point of turning a serious profit — it was made perfectly clear to me that I was never going to share in any of it and never get anything beyond a day rate, that never went up once in 8 1/2 years, while I watched everything else get bigger and grander every step of the way. And if anyone wants to rip on me for feeling dehumanized by that, I don't care — they're entitled to their opinion. But so am I. And my opinion is — it sucks to be poor and famous."

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I'm interested to see if Testament responds to any of this or if they're going to let it go completely.

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