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Ex-TESTAMENT Bassist Greg Christian Says "There Are No Bros" In The Band

Greg Christian won't be sending his former Testament bandmates a holiday card any time soon.

Greg Christian won't be sending his former Testament bandmates a holiday card any time soon.

Ex-Testament bassist Greg Christian celebrated his birthday this week, so happy birthday Greg! He took to his personal Facebook page to thank everyone for their wishes, but more importantly to talk a little bit about his recent separation with the band.

"Thank you so much for the birthday wishes.

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"Lately, it's been all too easy to forget how many people's lives I've actually 'touched.'

"The last five months or so have been some of the most difficult of my 48 years on this Earth and seeing this support really helps. Thank you.

"I'm still kind of in shock by how everything went down with Testament. And all I'll really say about that is — there are no 'bros' in Testament. The catch phrase coined by the Chief himself is every one man for himself, and it's taken to a sickening extreme with zero humanity. C'est la vie. But I'm not done playing music yet. Far from it. But every day's a struggle. And on top of it all, I have to deal with a few haters (people I barely know) going out of their way to derail me in any way they can. Thanks, guys. LOL.

"Anyway… Thank you again for all the birthday wishes. I appreciate it more than you all can probably understand. Cheers!!!"

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I wonder exactly what happened that caused the rift and eventual split from the band? I didn't realize there was any drama, but this most seems to suggest there might be and it might have to do with financial situations (as recent dramas would suggest… lookin' at you Slayer). It just doesn't seem like things went all too well for him, which sucks, but at least Christian will keep playing again. That dude rules!

Testament announced a few months ago that Christian was being replaced by Steve D DiGiorgio.

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