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Edsel Dope Addresses STATIC X Rumors – And, We Think He's Denying Them?

He's denying it, maybe?

static x xero edsel dope identity confirmed

Earlier this week, it certainly seemed like the identity of the new frontman of Static-X was revealed to be who it was long rumored to be, Edsel Dope. The revelation came after a Danish blog spotted a very similar neck tattoo between the new vocalist, Xer0, and Edsel.

Edsel has released a statement, disputing the reveal, maybe? I can't really tell. He seems to imply the neck tattoo thing was doctored, but also doesn't outright deny that he is Xer0, instead focusing on some criticism he's seeing online (but not from this part of the metal world).

“Hello world.
I have quietly sat through all of this speculation and have thoroughly enjoyed the ride.

Yesterday’s internet eruption reminded me of an episode of Scooby-Doo.
It’s incredible how far some people will go to get attention or clicks, so let me remind you how easy it is to slap a little tribal neck tattoo onto someone in photoshop.

I’m honored for myself and for my band DOPE to be part of this 20th anniversary celebration, along with this unbelievable, traveling memorial to our old friend Wayne Static.

Wayne is currently on the minds and in the hearts of the metal community in a very unique and special way. His memory / legacy is more celebrated than it has ever been before.

I personally get to see the joy, the tears, and the incredible sense of healing that is occurring on the faces and in the hearts of Static-X fans, each and every night, around the world.

I’m not attempting to be a spokesperson for Static-X, but I will share that I have personally met Wayne’s parents and siblings, as they have attended a number of these shows.

I have personally seen their tears of joy and their expressions of gratitude and approval for the way that TonyKenKoichi, & Xer0 are celebrating the music and memorializing the life and legacy of their son and sibling, Wayne Wells Static.

I’m including a candid photo that I snapped of Static-X drummer Ken Jay embracing Wayne’s father, while Tony CamposWayne’s mother, Wayne’s siblings and friends share some personal time together. Words cannot express the love and respect that I’ve experienced out here.

It’s one thing to go on a Scooby-Doo scavenger hunt, or to use photoshop to attempt to prove whatever you are trying to spin, but it’s entirely different when trolls, masquerading as journalists, spew their ignorant, hateful words towards something that is so incredibly personal.

Anyone with the nerve to throw virtual tomatoes at a traveling memorial, that has been orchestrated and supported by the family, loved ones, and long-time friends of the deceased should be absolutely ashamed of themselves.

In the end, I’m not the type of person to allow others to dictate the narrative of my life or my art, so I’ve decided to also include a picture of me chatting it up, while watching another SOLD OUT Static-X show from the side of the stage the other night.


Edsel shares a photo (see below), which shows him and Xer0 in the same photograph. How could it be?? Could it also perhaps be Photoshop trickery?

Static-X is on tour right now with DevilDriver, Dope, Wednesday 13, and Raven Black. Get tickets here.

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