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Dave Mustaine Implies Lars Ulrich Is The One Holding Up More Big Four Shows

At least, we think that's what he's saying.

At least, we think that's what he's saying.

If you were waiting around for more Big Four shows to happen, you can probably exhale, it's going to be a while. Metallica, Slayer, Megadeth and Anthrax all played a series of very memorable shows nearly a decade ago but it will likely never happen again.

A few years ago, Slayer's Tom Araya said Big Four shows would never happen again and there was one person holding up the process, heavily implying that person was Dave Mustaine. “It’s not the politics between bands; it’s the politics of character in one particular band." Araya said at the time.

Shortly after that, Mustaine denied he was the culprit saying "I didn't say that [no more 'Big Four' shows were ever going to happen again]. I said that I'm not the one to ask. I love Tom. I think that all the hardship that we've had has been really sad, because, again, the media and stuff like that sometimes."

Clearly, it was Metallica leading the way and all the bands just cooperated. If Metallica wanted to do more Big Four shows, it would happen.

And, now that Dave Mustaine has started a public feud with Lars Ulrich over songwriting credits, the chances of such a tour happening again seem even more unlikely. Just last week, Mustaine said Lars fears playing with Megadeth, literally saying "I think Lars is just afraid to play with Megadeth."

In a new interview with, he further implies that Lars is the hold up for more Big Four shows:

I would do it; I think the other two bands [apparently referring to Slayer and Anthrax] would do it; but there's one person that's holding it up for everybody. So you've gotta ask the right person. I have nothing to fear; I have nothing to lose. We're all supposed to be friends now, so I think that if the fans are first and foremost, then you know what? Let's go. Let's go."

Earlier in the interview, he reiterated that all the band members are friends:

We're all friends now, so yeah, there's two great bands now. It was difficult, though, and it was totally unnecessary. But the beautiful thing about is, with the 'Big Four' as it is, it's no longer how it was, and the smoke is starting to clear and the dust is settling. Slayer's going to retire; I don't know what's up with Anthrax; I don't know what's up with Metallica; but I know we're ready to make another record, and we're still not going to take shit from anybody."

Doesn't seem to me like a friend is the type of guy that says his other friend is afraid to play with him but what do I know.

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