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DAVE LOMBARDO Ensures He Will Never Be Asked To Return To SLAYER with Latest Interview Bashing KING/ARAYA

Calling Kerry King self-centered is not the best way to get a Slayer gig back.

Calling Kerry King self-centered is not the best way to get a Slayer gig back.

We've said it before, Dave Lombardo is basically never coming back to Slayer. If it wasn't clear from what guitarist Kerry King said and especially what vocalist/bassist Tom Araya said, Lombardo's latest interview basically puts the final nail in the coffin.

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In a new interview with Planet Mosh, Lombardo addressed Tom Araya's recent statement that Lombardo was only a "working member" of the band:

"It's sickening. I left the band in '92 to be at home for the birth of my son, period. One show changed the course of this band. Tom has forgotten history… swallowed the stories that have been created throughout the years to sell tickets. If it weren't for me, SLAYER would not exist. I approached Kerry [King, guitar] to start this band. Somehow they have forgotten that."

He said his current relationship with Araya and King is "sadly non-existant" and that he has no regrets about his Facebook post, which Araya called a "rant."

The topic shifted to late Slayer guitarist Jeff Hanneman, with the interviewer first asking what Lombardo's relationship was with Jeff in his last days:

“I didn’t see Jeff for a few months before he passed, but we had many texts and ‘phone calls right up until [then]. He really didn’t let anyone too close to his everyday life. But, when we spoke it was like no time had passed, a lot of laughter. I couldn’t ask for anything more than what my relationship was with Jeff. It was amazing.”

Now this next statement may come back to bite him in the ass. When asked about the Memorial for Hanneman, Lombardo did not have kind words for either King or Araya:

“I was shocked that Tom didn’t show up to the memorial. It was uncomfortable for me to be there, given what was going on with the band, but I still showed up. I was equally shocked at Kerry’s self-centred stories. None of his stories described the kind of human being Jeff was…”

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Oof. Lombardo does not pull any punches. I admire his honesty. Clearly, Lombardo is not clamoring for a Slayer reunion. He's moved on, working with Philm and other projects.

For Slayer fans clamoring for a reunion, the chances of it happening get smaller and smaller every day.

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