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Dallas Toler-Wade Says He Left NILE "For Many Other Reasons That Will Remain Undisclosed"

Say, remember back in February when Nile announced that frontman/guitarist Dallas Toler-Wade "was leaving the band to focus on his own plans and recordings?”

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Toler-Wade even backed up the statement in an interview with The Greenville Journal shortly after the announcement, saying he was planning on focusing on his other project, Neurotic Wasteland:

“The band had never really taken a break,” Toler-Wade says. “It’s tough out there on the road. It’s a lot of fun, don’t get me wrong, but there’s a not-so-good side to it, too. On that last tour, one night I ended up getting up into a confrontation with another artist from another band.”

He doesn’t elaborate on what happened, but that incident caused him to take a hard look at his priorities. “Everybody needs a break,” he says. “And my son’s about to graduate from school. There are a lot of other reasons, too, but mainly I really need to be home right now.”

Well, now that some time has settled, it seems like Toler-Wade's tune is changing. With the press release for the reissue of Neurotic Wasteland's 2014 debut album, Bravewords noticed this statement attached to press release:

““I left Nile for many other reasons that will remain undisclosed, not just for the reasons they detailed in their statement, which were ‘to focus on my own plans and recordings.’ That quote didn’t come from me. I was already putting a lot of my time and energy into Narcotic Wasteland when Nile was not busy writing or touring. My intention was to do shows and albums with Narcotic Wasteland on the flipside, because I like to stay busy. I will continue to write and perform music on whatever level I can for as long as I can. From now on, Narcotic Wasteland will be my main musical focus.”

It's clear that Toler-Wade had every intention of balancing the two bands. It seems like other members of Nile, namely Karl Sanders, were probably not as confident about Toler-Wade's scheduling. It will be interesting to see how Sanders responds to this.

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