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Corey Taylor Thinks Other Members of SLIPKNOT Are Painting Him As the Villian

We've been covering this drama within the Slipknot camp ever since the tragic passing of Paul Gray. The jist is some members of the band are ready to make new music, while others, most notably frontman Corey Taylor are not. During a recent interview with The Gauntlet, Taylor addressed if it bothers him that people just want a simple answer to if new Slipknot music is coming out: 

The Gauntlet: Does it bother you at all that people want the simple answer to the question “when is the next Slipknot album coming out?”

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Corey: Definitely, that is why there are no solid plans to do a Slipknot album. Joey and Paul were really the ones who would get things started. Then I would take what they wrote and really try to put it in a song sense and then that would get us all going. Especially on “All Hope Is Gone,” they gave me a lot of great material to work with. It was up to me to shorten it and make the songs into songs basically. There is a huge pull in this band right now. It doesn’t mean we can’t go out on the road and share the music we have with the audience. But rushing in and making another album does not compute to me right now. It will be a few years before it does. There are some guys in the band that are painting me as the villain, but at the same time I have some guys in the band that support me and feel the same way. There are a lot of things in the band that have to change before we can go in and make an album. There are a lot of things we have to figure out and make peace with. We already know what the album is going to be about, we just need to find the strength to do it the right way.

The Gauntlet: Ozzy Osbourne lost Randy Rhoads and was back on the road two weeks later, Metallica replaced Cliff Burton and was back out there a couple months later. Why is it different with you?

Corey: Because we are a different band. It is just different. Nobody mourns the same. Led Zeppelin broke after John Bonham died. Sure they did some shows but they never made another album. Until it feels right to me, I have no plans on making a new album. When it feels right, I’ll know. This band has always followed our instincts and mine are telling me it is not time yet.

As I've said many times in the past, I think it's less a matter of "if" and more of "when." The band have already played a select number of shows, I'm sure they're just slowly easing into it. Can everybody just leave Corey Taylor alone for now?

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