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CANNIBAL CORPSE's Russian Tour Attempted To Be Shut Down By Religious Protesters

Calls of blasphemy erupt!

Calls of blasphemy erupt!

Cannibal Corpse are no strangers to protest. Throughout the band's 25 year career there have been many who misrepresented the band's lyrics as anything but macabre theatrics. But, these new protesters may cost the band a lucrative tour of Russia.

The band has over a week's worth of dates scheduled in Russia from October 2nd to 12th, playing Moscow, St. Petersburg and other cities. But if one Orthodox protester has his way, all of those will be cancelled.

Dmitry Tsorionov, who is the leader of the Orthodox group "God's Will" filed a request with the government to get the shows banned.

"We sent mass requests to the prosecutor with the description of what is happening at the concerts of the group, the lyrics of their songs, which are described in detail in the rape and murder of children."

He said that believers particularly outraged by open calls for the murder of priests in the lyrics, as well as a detailed description of sexual acts with children and killing them. "It is absolutely outrageous. This is an abomination. People with such thoughts should simply be isolated from society and placed in a mental hospital, " – says Tsorionov.

So far, the government has not responded but Tsorionov warns if they don't, he plans on rallies, prayer meetings and protests in front of the concerts.

Does Russia not have horror movies? Because this is the musical equivalent of that. Regardless, Russia has very stringent anti-blasphemy laws. Laws which led to Marilyn Manson concerts being cancelled and Behemoth being thrown out of the country. This will be an interesting story to follow.

[Metal Hammer via RIA.RU]

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