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BETWEEN THE BURIED AND ME Don't Want You To Buy Their Next Release (Or Their Old Music)

Between The Buried and Me have been on Metal Blade Records for their last few releases and couldn't be happier with their label home. Previously, though, the band was on Victory Records and in speaking with the band many times they couldn't wait to fulfill their contract and move on to a new label home. A source mentioned to me once that the band had never seen a single royalty from Victory Records, which is interesting because Victory is repackaging some of the band's (excellent) older material into new product they are releasing next month and the band is none too happy about it. 

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The compilation is called Snapshot and will include four pictures of the band with the repackaged best-of, the second such compilation Victory is releasing of BTBAM's music, the first of which was released a week before their Metal Blade-debut album as a kind-of fuck you sendoff from the leading independent music distributor. For their part, BTBAM released this message on their Facebook page:

BTBAM, who could've very easily just ignored this made sure to get on their Facebook and let their fans know they do not approve of the release:

Just so everyone knows, we have a merch button at the top of our page [note from Editor: here's the link] that is a listing of all our OFFICIAL merch stores. Please don't bother buying from anywhere else as it does not in any way filter through to us, nor do we have control over the quality of the product.

Also, I know our fans are smart enough to know that if there is a new release coming out that we haven't advertised, then we obviously have nothing to do with it and again it is only profiting some third party that has no association with the band. We'd be more than happy if you just downloaded our old (ie: pre-Parallax) music and just continue coming to see us live.

Again, OFFICIAL BTBAM recognized merch sites at the button below and at the top of our page. THANK YOU! See you all soon.

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Hopefully fans won't be fooled into buying a product the band hasn't signed off on, or maybe there are die-hards out there that just want everything with BTBAM's name on it.

Regardless, you will be able to see the band on tour this fall with The Faceless, The Contortionist and The Safety Fire. Get dates here.

[via Lambgoat]

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