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Andreas Kisser Says The Cavalera Brothers Turned Their Back on SEPULTURA

Not too long ago, it seemed like a reunion of the original Sepultura lineup was very much a possibility. Then, it was definitely off the table. Talk had died down for quite a while, although Max Cavalera would be asked on occasion, and would have nothing but negative things to say. Now it's Sepultura guitarist, Andreas Kisser's turn to talk some shit. 

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Andreas was interviewed by MTV Iggy and said this about why the split happened:

"For Sepultura fans, there are many Sepulturas in their head. It's not only because Max and Igor [left]. If you [compare] the albums that we did together, from 'Schizophrenia' to 'Roots', they are totally different bands — but the same lineup. We all change; we all grow up. The choice to leave the band was their choice. We never fired any musician in the group. We only fired our manager after the 'Roots' tour, and Max chose to leave and stay with her and start a solo career. He didn't care about the name during those days. He didn't fight for the name. He just turned his back and said, 'Fuck you guys; I'm better off myself.' And Igor left 10 years later; he didn't care either to fight. It's like many fathers who have children and leave them. For [the Cavaleras], Sepultura is like an abandoned child. They really turned their back on us and left. But it feels great to be here and keep the Sepultura name strong, bringing new stuff to the albums. The Sepultura spirit never changed, and that's why we're still here as Sepultura."

When Max was interested in a Sepultura reunion, he allegedly wanted his wife to once again manage the band's assets and bring on his own people, which was the whole reason the band split up in the first place.

Basically, we're going to have two separate bands forever. Funny enough, both Sepultura and Soulfly are under the Nuclear Blast umbrella now, although Soulfly is under the "Nuclear Blast Entertainment" brand, which is part-owned by former Roadrunner A&R guy, Monte Conner.

The new Sepultura album, The Mediator Between Head And Hands Must Be The Heart, comes out Oct. 29th.

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[via Blabbermouth]

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