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DRAGONFORCE Guitarist Says BABYMETAL Is A Gateway Band For Non-Metal Fans

Fun metal is gateway metal, kids.

Fun metal is gateway metal, kids.

Let's say hypothetically someone who really isn't into rock or metal clicks on a random YouTube video, or turns to a random radio station or whatever, and is immediately blasted with something like Lamb of God or music to that effect. Chances are they'll probably dismiss it as noise and that's that. Now replace Lamb of God with Babymetal for a minute, and at the very least that person might stick around, or get the song stuck in their head. Maybe that'll be it, maybe they'll seek out more music like it.

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Like 'em not not, Dragonforce guitarist Herman Li makes a good point in his recent interview with Metal Wani (below) – Babymetal is a good gateway for non-metal fans to at least discover the power of rock and metal.

"Babymetal in a way, the funny thing is… The way they combine the music and the show together with metal and the J-Pop stuff, they actually unite people that don't listen to rock and metal into metal… I believe they're definitely a band which is able to influence a lot of people that don't listen to rock or metal and discover guitar music — rock [and] heavy metal stuff — and I think that is a great thing."

Every generation needs gateway bands, right? Not to mention Babymetal is legitimately a ton of fun, but that's something we'll never agree on, clearly.

[via Blabbermouth]

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