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DOUG PINNICK Credits Obscurity For KING'S X Longevity: "If We Were Rich Rock Stars, We Would Have Broken Up A Long Time Ago"

"There's never been any thought on anything other than making another record for the people who love to hear us."

King's X
Photo by Derek Soto

Doug Pinnick, frontman of King's X, recently shed light on the secret behind his band's remarkable resilience. In an exclusive interview with the Manchester Ink Link, Pinnick candidly discussed the often-overlooked factor that has been instrumental in keeping King's X together over the decades: their relative obscurity.

Known for his sincerity and unpretentious demeanor, Pinnick explained how the lack of mainstream fame has paradoxically fortified their unity as a band.

"It's the lack of fame. If we were rich rock stars, we would have broken up a long time ago. We're not broke rock stars because we can still make a living at what we do, so we just keep going. It's sort of like a marriage, this is what we decided to do for the rest of our lives. There's never been any thought on anything other than making another record for the people who love to hear us, it's always been that way."

The music industry can be a double-edged sword, with fame frequently driving a wedge between band members. The relentless demands of touring, media appearances, and record labels can push even the closest-knit groups to the brink of disintegration.

Pinnick's reflections aligns with a broader trend. Many musicians who have enjoyed long and fruitful careers often cite the freedom of being outside the mainstream spotlight as a crucial factor. It allows them to focus on their art without the constant pressure to conform to industry standards.

We almost had to wait one and a half decade to get another King's X studio album, but it was well worth the wait. We hope it doesn't take them too long to be again on the same page and come up with another one!

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