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Don't Worry, DIMMU BORGIR Promise They Won't Take Another Eight Years For A New Record

He's pretty non-committal on this one.

He's pretty non-committal on this one.

It took Dimmu Borgir eight years to follow up their 2010 album Abrahadabra and the band stayed largely silent the whole time. When asked by Rawstatica if fans would have to wait another eight years between records, guitarist Silenoz says he's sure it won't. It might, but it probably won't. Maybe. Depending on how the band ends up feeling about whatever the new material ends up being.

"Time is important, yeah, sure, and we usually lose track of time. So, for us, it doesn't feel like it's been eight years since the previous album. We cannot deliver something that we cannot stand behind 110 percent, so it has to take the time that it takes to finish it."

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"I'm sure it won't [take as long next time around], but it is what it is," he said. "For us to feel 100 percent confident, we need to be ready to deliver the album to the label. Then it's out of our hands, out of our control, and the beast just has to live its own life from there on."

Frankly I'd rather just wait a while for a band to put out a new album and have it be actually good. Rushed albums are generally bad news all around. Granted length of time spent on an album doesn't equate to quality, but rushed albums probably have a higher rate of critical failure… I think. Where are my data scientists, dammit!

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