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Don't Hold Your Breath A New AVENGED SEVENFOLD Record Anytime Soon

They broke up because you're all really mean.

They broke up because you're all really mean.

In keeping with their album-every-three-years cycle started in 2007, Avenged Sevenfold won't be dropping a new record until at least 2016 according to frontman M. Shadows.

“The most important thing for us is to get that spark and that fire to want to start writing. We never write on the road. We always try to get a very clear idea of what we want to accomplish – then we attack it … I think after this tour we do in China, we’ll be back in the saddle, and by the summer we should be writing.”

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The band is currently still on the road in support of their 2013 record Hail to the King. Hail to the King was the band's first effort with permanent drummer Arin Ilejay, with their 2010 effort Nightmare being drummed on by then-Dream Theater drummer Mike Portnoy after the passing of original drummer The Rev in 2009. It seems like the band is on an uptrend of getting better and better as each album passes, so we'll see! On a personal note, I've always enjoyed what these guys put out and can't wait to hear the new chapter in their career!

Here's hoping Machine Head's Robb Flynn likes this one.

[via Metal Hammer]

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