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DOC COYLE On Potential New GOD FORBID: "One Step At A Time"

"I don't want to over-promise anything before it materializes."

God Forbid BRRF

God Forbid recently played their two homecoming reunion shows at the Starland Ballroom in New Jersey and Worcester Palladium in Massachusetts, and will appear on Lamb Of God's upcoming Headbangers Boat cruise. Of course these reunion shows have fans asking if there will be any new God Forbid material coming, to which guitarist Doc Coyle responds "maybe?"

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In a Q&A session on his The Ex-Man With Doc Coyle podcast, Coyle said he and current God Forbid live guitarist Nick Hipa (Mire, ex-As I Lay Dying) have spent most of their time relearning songs for the shows. Though he notes he's got a "couple ideas floating around" that could be new God Forbid, so we'll see what happens.

"With Nick, we've really just been playing these older God Forbid songs," said Coyle as transcribed by Metal Injection. "So it's just been about jamming and getting in the flow of it, and even though I'm teaching it to him, some of the songs I'm kind of relearning and getting in the habit of.

"So it's just about locking together and developing chemistry, which we have pretty good chemistry already which is amazing. As far as new ideas, I mean, new ideas really haven't been approached. I have a couple ideas floating around that could be used for some God Forbid stuff but [it's to be determined]."

Coyle later added "I'm open to [new material], but one step at a time. I don't want to over-promise anything before it materializes … It would be fun. It would be nice, but we'll see."

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Vocalist Byron Davis had previously touched on the idea of new material, saying "only time will tell as far as new material. It's unknown right now at this point." Coyle had also spoken at length about it during an interview back in July, saying he had some riffs laying around but that there was no rush to make anything of them.

"I mean, a little bit. Because, you know, I was kind of the main kind of riff writer [and] songwriter for the band for a good portion of those last few records. So me as a writer, there's always stuff [I'm working on that] I'm like 'that sounds like a God Forbid thing,' right? So there's always stuff that I'll just kind of put to the side or kind of [have] in the back of my [head] that theoretically could be that. So there's definitely some material that definitely could exist, but I am very much taking it one step at a time.

"I have a tendency to have a lot of big ideas and go [down] a lot of rabbit holes [in] my head but unfortunately – not even unfortunately – you want to make sure everyone's a part of that, not just it's my little kind of… sometimes I get all hyped up in my head but it's like, it takes a village and everyone has to be on board. It's important to make sure everyone is excited about anything you're doing – that's just very, very important to me."

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