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DOC COYLE On Potential New GOD FORBID: "I Am Very Much Taking It One Step At A Time"

God Forbid recently announced their first show in nine years.

God Forbid 2022

God Forbid recently announced their first show in nine years to take place at the 2022 Blue Ridge Rock Festival. And much like any reunion show, questions of how long it'll last and if there will be any new material have begun to crop up. In an interview with Avenged Sevenfold bassist Johnny Christ's podcast Drinks With Johnny, guitarist Doc Coyle said he has some potential God Forbid-type riffs in the back of his head but isn't in any rush to jump into new material. Coyle added that it's important for him to also make sure the band is on board with doing material, as he points out that he feels "God Forbid was one of those bands where the sum was better than the parts."

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"I mean, a little bit. Because, you know, I was kind of the main kind of riff writer [and] songwriter for the band for a good portion of those last few records. So me as a writer, there's always stuff [I'm working on that] I'm like 'that sounds like a God Forbid thing,' right? So there's always stuff that I'll just kind of put to the side or kind of [have] in the back of my [head] that theoretically could be that. So there's definitely some material that definitely could exist, but I am very much taking it one step at a time.

"I have a tendency to have a lot of big ideas and go [down] a lot of rabbit holes [in] my head but unfortunately – not even unfortunately – you want to make sure everyone's a part of that, not just it's my little kind of… sometimes I get all hyped up in my head but it's like, it takes a village and everyone has to be on board. It's important to make sure everyone is excited about anything you're doing – that's just very, very important to me.

"I really enjoy the band dynamic and having everyone be involved and be excited about stuff because I really believe in the synergy of that. I think God Forbid was one of those bands where the sum was better than the parts, that everyone together made something that outpaced our actual talent and ability, you know, because of the chemistry."

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