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DIMMU BORGIR Working On Material For 2014 Release

Posted by on August 19, 2013 at 12:07 pm

Dimmu Borgir have apparently begun working on a record for 2014, their first in four years since 2010's fanbase-dividing Abrahadabra. Details inside!

Vocalist for the band Shagrath posted on his Facebook page, which was then shared by the Dimmu Borgir Facebook page, the above image along with the caption:

"'By the desire to achieve.' Stoked about our new material,its shaping up nicely."

No word on if that's a photo of the band writing the new record or doing some recording for it, but what is obvious is that there's going to be some new Dimmu Borgir jams in the upcoming year! It'll be interesting to see if the band keep up the ominous and huge-sounding moods they so nicely portrayed on Abrahadabra, or if this will be something much different for the band. You'll know more when we do!

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