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Did Dave Mustaine Just Confirm Chris Adler Is Contributing To Writing The New MEGADETH Album?

A new tweet pretty much confirms it.

A new tweet pretty much confirms it.

Earlier this week, the cat was officially let out of the bag that Lamb of God drummer Chris Adler will be sitting in as the recording drummer on the new Megadeth album.

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At the time, it wasn't clear if Adler was just going to come in and play parts that were already written or if he was going to contribute to the writing process of the album. A new tweet from Dave Mustaine has made the picture a little clearer:

Previously, I assumed that when Adler and Mustaine were spotted together on their taco date, it was because Adler was already in the studio laying down tracks. But now it seems, they are still working out parts of the songs. Perhaps, Mustaine and Ellefson already had songs written with basic drum parts and now Adler is offering suggestions on the writing. There are hints that all three are writing together from the press release announcement earlier this week. Dave Mustaine was quoted as saying:

Back in 1989, Megadeth originally worked as a three piece – guitar, bass and drums – when we laid down the framework to our Grammy nominated platinum album Rust In Peace. I want to thank the other members of LOG for allowing this opportunity to take place for all of us in the metal community."

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With Adler involved in the creative process, it certainly peaks my interest in the new Megadeth album.

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