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DEVIN TOWNSEND Says He And NICKELBACK's Chad Kroeger Are Friends Now; Reflects on Previous Comments

Posted by on August 27, 2018 at 4:35 pm

The older people get, the wiser they get and sometimes regret things they've said in the past. Such is life for Devin Townsend.

In 2009, you may recall that he said:

I just look at Nickelback and I think “how are 40 million people buying this? What does it say about Canada? What does it say about all of this shit!?

And then in 2015, after working with the same production team that Nickelback used, Townsend joked:

There’s no fucking way I’m putting it out.  I can’t spend twenty-five years sticking to my guns to try and sell people this.  It’s everything I dislike about music, with my voice on it.  It’s fucking disgusting.  It’s not their fault, but with my voice on it, it’s just not where I’m at.

For years, Nickelback have been a punching bag for many, this website included. But could it be that the joke is running old?

For Devin, at least, as he gets older and wiser, he realizes the error of his ways. He reveals in a series of tweets that he's actually befriended Nickelback frontman Chad Kroeger recently, and has a newfound respect for him:

"As you progress in any field, eventually the 'lifers' in a profession find they have a lot more in common than they may have anticipated.

"For years, I was critical of Nickelback for a number of reasons, not the least of which jealousy and falling into the negative public sentiment. In part, I had heard through the grapevine that the singer (who came up in the same scene I did) was critical of me as well, so when he and I unexpectedly became friends, I took some time to reflect on my thoughts on his band. I saw them play a few years back and it was great.

"Over the past few months, him and I have spent some good times together, hanging out, playing guitar, and talking. He became a big help to me in that there's no competition between us, and a lot of things I was struggling with professionally, there's no real resource for advice.

"Chad is a real person. He's exceptionally talented at what he does and he's above all a good dude who helped me when I needed help. He gets a ton of shit, but I have immense respect for the guy now. In fact, I've met very few brilliant people in this industry, but he's one of them

"We tried writing together a bit but it seems we're on very different planets from each other musically, same passion, but it's coming from a different place. Regardless, whatever anyone may think of the guy, he's not full of shit in my opinion and I'm glad to know him. Respect."

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