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DEVIN TOWNSEND On Upcoming Tour Hiatus: "Not Making Music For Me Is Not An Option"

"I need silence and space. It's as simple as that"


Devin Townsend is about to finish a tour trek with Dream Theater and Animals As Leaders, and he recently confirmed that after he wraps up this current run he will be off the road for a while.

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Now, in a recent interview with Metal Blast, Townsend elaborated on those recent comments, regarding taking a tour hiatus in order to work on his long-talked-about The Moth project, and why he would need to focus solely on such endeavor.

"It's not that I dislike touring, it's not that I dislike playing for people. But when I first started making records, I had such an opportunity to focus on the material, because I wasn't being pulled in so many different directions: I wasn't touring, I wasn't doing podcasts, and the benefit of that, back then, was that I could really hone in on what it was that I was trying to achieve creatively."

"I've got a plan for this project in 2025, called "The Moth" that I really to be able to focus on" Townsend added "I would really like to see what would happen if I this age I can put such a degree of focus on something, which I haven't been able to do for 20 some years. And in order for all these disparate pieces of experiences to coagulate into an identity that I can draw from accurately, I need silence and space. It's as simple as that."

"Moving forward, I really wanna try and afford myself the luxury of doing it the way that I used to, 'cause I think I've got something really cool in the pipes that deserves that attention. And I haven't had any time for many years by my own hand — just like record, tour, record, tour, record, tour, record, tour. You know what I mean? It's just like endless. And so when I finally did get a chance to stop, two things came to the front.

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"I don't wanna stop making music. I love it. It's not like I can turn it off. It's what I do. It's my thing. I've tried on several occasions to stop, and it's, like it's hubris, man. The assumption of me thinking, 'Oh, I can just stop,' is that it's a hobby rather than a personality. I just — I think music; that's how I interpret my environment."

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