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DEE SNIDER Says His Solo Career Is Over: "I'm Feeling Like I'm Done"

"I'm not feeling this urge."

Dee Snider credit StephanieCabral_rsz

Creativity is not a static concept, and artists often need to redefine their paths to stay inspired and continue producing meaningful work. In some cases that means walking in a totally different musical direction, or even calling their quits. That seems to be the case for Twisted Sister front-man Dee Snider, who revealed in a recent interview with Greece's, that he is "done" making solo albums.

"Don't hold your breath, because I'm feeling like I'm done," Snider, who is now 68 years old, said. “Now I said that after For The Love Of Metal, and then COVID hit and I called Jamey Jasta up and Jamey Jasta said, 'I wanna do another record.' But right now, I'm feeling very comfortable with who I am, what I am, what I'm doing, and how I'm spending my life. I'm not feeling this urge. And it helps that those last two albums, For The Love Of Metal and Leave A Scar, and then the live record For The Love Of Metal Live!, really, I feel, put an exclamation point on the end of my career.”

"I think, thanks to Jamey Jasta encouraging me to get back to true metal, real metal and what I'm really about," he added. "My last two records are very powerful, the performances are there, everything's there and as a legacy, I like seeing those albums at the end of my recording career."

It appears that Snider has arrived at a point where he feels complete regarding artistic aspirations. Expanding on the reasons behind the decision to put an end to his solo career, he commented: "I'm always very honest, even to the point where I get in trouble with other bands for being too honest, but I've also listened to people being honest about me.

"The end of Twisted Sister, as much fun as it was and whatever, but our last record is a Christmas record. And it was fun, and I'm not ashamed of it — I loved it. But then I went and left Twisted and I did a solo album. Someone challenged me to do a mainstream rock record, We Are The Ones, and it's a good record, but it wasn't really Dee Snider.

"It was an attempt to do something more mainstream. So, it could have ended with those records and I would have felt that that was really not the way I'd like to go out. It's because of For The Love Of Metal and Leave A Scar that I feel good about walking away and saying, 'Yeah. Take that. That's Dee Snider. Remember that. I was 65 years old or whatever. That's Dee Snider. And good night.' So those records are very important to me."

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