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DEATHHAMMER Breaks the "Threshold of Doom" With Their Black Thrash

Posted by on August 30, 2018 at 12:27 pm

Norway's Deathhammer has been a consistent mainstay in the black/thrash field for roughly 13 years now. The duo, who are releasing their newest album, Chained to Hell, in October, has built a career out of fusing the fiery licks of thrash metal with the grim tropes of black metal. Sadomancer and Sargeant Salsten sound as spry as ever—as if their music is somehow synonymous with the fountain of youth. They carry a racing charisma on songs like "Threshold of Doom," the album's fourth song.

The five-minute track sprints out of the gate with a blistering riff. With breakneck speed, vile growls and shrieking clean vocals litter the runaway train to Hell. The way Deathhammer executes this song also feels like a bit of a blast from the past two. They capitalize on a retro and seemingly partially-distorted sound that is reminiscent of classic thrash and death metal.

Check out the brand new track now. Deathhammer's Chained to Hell arrives October 5th through Hells Headbangers.

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