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DEATH TO ALL Tour 2013 Announce Vocalist

Yesterday, we learned that Death The All, the Chuck Shuldiner/Death tribute project featuring former members of the band would be returning in 2013 for a new string of North American tour dates.

The band will be comprised of the Human-era lineup of guitarist Paul Masvidal, bassist Steve DiGiorgio, and drummer Sean Reinert. But who will be the vocalist? Today, we have the answer.

Max Phelps is that man. I know you're probably like who?! You can hear some of Phelps' vocal chops on this Bandcamp page for his band Exist. Phelps is also a touring guitarist for Cynic, which is how I assume he got the gig.

Also, there has seemingly been some online backlash to this tour as some sort of "cash-in" which seems a bit ludicrous. This is an event to celebrate Chuck and Death's music with proceeds going to charity. Death's manager, Eric Greif, put it succinctly:

A little word about DEATH TO ALL, people. This is NOT DEATH. I have read a few comments about money grabbing or trying to replace Chuck. Please show a little respect. DEATH TO ALL is meant to be a touring tribute to the words & music of Chuck Schuldiner, by the guys who played with him on the DEATH albums – and raising awareness of the important American charity Sweet Relief. Together we can all feel the vibe of what Chuck was all about by being together and collectively flowing to the tunes. We keep Chuck alive by keeping the music alive. It isn't DEATH…it is DEATH TO ALL.

Who's going to these shows?

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