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DEATH ANGEL Ask For "Privacy," But "Appreciate The Incredible Support" As Drummer Will Carroll Battling Coronavirus

Posted by on March 26, 2020 at 4:19 pm

Photo by Rodrigo Terco

While earlier today, Testament frontman Chuck Billy says he is recovering from being infected with COVID-19, or the coronavirus, Death Angel drummer Will Carroll, who was on the same European tour as Billy, is still in the hospital. Death Angel put out a new statement thanking fans for their "incredible" support but also asking that they respect the band's and the family of Will Carroll's privacy as he recovers.

"We'd like to take this opportunity to thank all of you for your overwhelming support, well wishes, and kind words regarding our friend and brother Will Carroll. The messages have reached us and all of his loved ones. We ask that you keep putting that wonderful energy out there for him. It will help all of us, and most importantly Will, to get through all of this.

"We also ask that at this very sensitive time to also please respect his family's space and privacy, as well as ours regarding this matter, as we all want the same result… Will's full recovery as soon as possible.

"Once again, we all truly appreciate the incredible support and love for him! Please keep it up!

"We look forward to reuniting with all of you on the other side of this sensitive time that is new to all of us.

"Until then… Please be safe and kind to each other! We're all in this together…And United we'll live forever!!

"With love, Death Angel"

Earlier this week, Exodus guitarist Gary Holt, who was also on the tour, revealed Carroll's condition as being in the ICU with what was believed to be complications from coronavirus. On March 18th, Will's fiancee Leeshawn Navaro wrote on social media that he was "very sick" since returning from the tour and asked friends to send him "positive healing thoughts." The next day, Navarro posted an update writing "Need even more healing vibes, candles, prayers, love, everything you have for Will. I love you so much Will!!! Keep fighting I need you!!!! We all need you!!!!!"

We will Will and his family and friends the best during this trying time.

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