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DAVID DRAIMAN Got Baked, Challenged JUSTIN BIEBER To A Smoke-Off

The challenge has been issued.

Draiman Bieber Weed

Disturbed vocalist David Draiman took a trip to Amsterdam on (or around) January 9 and has been high off his ass ever since. And good for him! The dude deserves a vacation as we all do, and being high for a few days beats the feeling of being drunk for a few days.

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But how high has Draiman really been? High enough to challenge pop star (and darling of the metal criticism world) Justin Bieber to a smoke off. Draiman issued the challenge earlier today via Twitter, and so far hasn't posted any updates on the situation. Here's hoping Bieber takes him up on it.

If you've been following Draiman over the years, then none of this is surprising. Draiman said in a 2015 interview he was high while writing most of Disturbed's music, and that we contributed to 2018's Evolution "higher than giraffe’s ass."

“That’s still true. [High] as a kite," said Draiman at the time. "Higher than giraffe’s ass… I’m all about indica to be honest," he said. "The heavier, the danker, the more potent the better. And when you are improvising there’s something beautiful cannabis just does for you in terms of that wonderful THC high that it just enables you to relax and open up your mind. And it enables me to find the gaps, so to speak, to think of note progressions that I wouldn’t have normally thought.

People have always utilized—whether its marijuana or other drugs, mine will always stay marijuana, I don’t really mess with anything else—for inspiration and it’s an amazing tool. It also has other side benefits, anti-inflammatory benefits all that kind of stuff, it helps keep my blood pressure down. So, I’m a big fan and I’m a big supporter and investor…”

More importantly, it looks like Draiman is having a blast on vacation and is taking every chance to get stoned. Good for him.

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