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DISTURBED's David Draiman Was "Higher Than A Giraffe's Ass" Writing Evolution

"That’s still true. [High] as a kite. Higher than giraffe’s ass."

"That’s still true. [High] as a kite. Higher than giraffe’s ass."

Disturbed frontman David Draiman revealed in 2015 that "Ninety-five percent of the songs I’ve written in my life, I’ve written them while high. That’s the god’s honest truth."

Three years later, and two facial piercings lighter, and he unsurprisingly hasn't changed one bit – the man enjoys getting high. Draiman tells Loudwire that he wrote Disturbed's new album Evolution "higher than giraffe’s ass" and goes on to detail how he feels it positively affects his writing process.

“That’s still true. [High] as a kite. Higher than giraffe’s ass… I’m all about indica to be honest. The heavier, the danker, the more potent the better. And when you are improvising there’s something beautiful cannabis just does for you in terms of that wonderful THC high that it just enables you to relax and open up your mind. And it enables me to find the gaps, so to speak, to think of note progressions that I wouldn’t have normally thought.

People have always utilized—whether its marijuana or other drugs, mine will always stay marijuana, I don’t really mess with anything else—for inspiration and it’s an amazing tool. It also has other side benefits, anti-inflammatory benefits all that kind of stuff, it helps keep my blood pressure down. So, I’m a big fan and I’m a big supporter and investor…”

Good on Draiman for also getting in on investing in legal weed. Might as well make boatloads of money while there's boatloads of money to be made, right?

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