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Dave Grohl Says FOO FIGHTERS Were Never Cool, Are Totally Dad Rock

"You know the whole dad rock thing? We’re totally dad rock."

2019-05-19-Sonic-Foo Fighters-2

It's weird to turn on classic rock radio stations now and hear stuff that came out 20 years ago. Foo Fighters are absolutely one of those bands you'll hear, with songs like "Learn To Fly" and "My Hero" being older than that. This technically makes them "dad rock" now, as the common term goes, and vocalist Dave Grohl is totally cool with it.

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Grohl tells the Good For You podcast with Whitney Cummings that Foo Fighters is absolutely dad rock and that they've never been cool in the first place.

“You know the whole dad rock thing? We’re totally dad rock. […] First of all, we are all dads, and you’re right, we’re a rock band… Look, I’m 50 years old, I have fucking grey hair… But you know, the thing is, I have never considered our band cool, and I like that.”

“We’ve just never been hip or cool; we just really haven’t. I think that the reason why we’re still here is because we do kind of disconnect ourselves from the popular stuff that’s going on, but also because, what the fuck do we care? I just want to fucking play music.”

Cool or not, Foo Fighters currently have seven of their nine albums certified platinum by the Recording Industry Association of America. So clearly Grohl is doing something right.

Foo Fighters have two festival gigs lined up in the next few months. Get more info here.

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