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DAVE ELLEFSON Thinks His New Bands Intimidate DAVE MUSTAINE, Says MEGADETH Has Gotten Worse

Here we go again.


Dave Ellefson has the most confusing relationship with his former Megadeth bandmate Dave Mustaine. On one hand, Ellefson recently stated he'd go back to the band if he got the call. On the other hand, Ellefson gave an interview to Metal Edge where he talked about how he felt he was pushed out of the creative process and how Megadeth's quality has gone down the tubes.

"I've watched the quality of Megadeth diminish over the last five years, which was very frustrating," said Ellefson. "I'd bring ideas to the table and try to help the situation, but those ideas would be either shut down or removed after the fact. It was very aggressive and frustrating to be intentionally diminished or removed from the process.

"So, I said, 'Okay, I see what's going on here.' An old saying goes, 'Kids that don't share their toys don't have friends.' So, I just said, 'I'll take my toys and play with someone else.' This is simple shit you learn in kindergarten, but not so much in that band."

Ellefson then added that he thinks Mustaine is intimidated by his new bands Dieth and Kings Of Thrash. The former, fine; the latter is a little confusing, considering they've largely been a Megadeth cover band up until this point.

"I do. I also think he hates the idea of me succeeding outside that arena. Because now, I get to be the one who helps create the music, make the decisions, and basically, be in charge. It wasn't that way in Megadeth, which I think many people know by now. But people love that band because of the music we created together.

"Those songs will stand forever despite all the stuff that happened behind the scene. So, when all that went down, I just said, 'We have a great legacy, but it's over now. Do you want to have a shootout or let the music speak for itself?' I chose to let the music I make speak for itself. And I think it speaks volumes. I'm pretty convinced that the stuff I've put out since leaving Megadeth is as good or better than anything they've done."

Jokes aside, I'd imagine getting booted from a band you spent most of your life in is incredibly frustrating and that it comes with a boatload of mixed feelings.

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