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DARKTHRONE To Enter The Studio Next Weekend

To take the throne once more.

To take the throne once more.

Darkthrone, one of the bands that founded the black metal sound and has since become masters of just about every other genre, will be hitting up the studio this month to record a new album! If I had to guess, I'd say we'll see it toward the very, very end of this year or the start of 2016. Either way, that's perfect music for the cold weather! The band had this to say about the new material on Facebook.

Darkthrone news anyone? it seems we will go to the necrohell 2 studios to record something for the upcoming album already 9 days from now a.k.a next weekend. also, there has been some great lyrics for black metal recently. the song SYNDEBUKKEN by THE DEATHTRIP was great for sure but it seems the entire lyrics for the new ISVIND album "gud" is spectaculare. Unfortunately for you, both these examples of great lyrics are in norwegian and sadly any google translator will only mess it up. oh well. way of the world. – f e n r i z

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No word on if the album's lyrics will be written in Norwegian and then translated and sung by Google, but one can hope, right?

Meanwhile, take a listen to Fenriz's amazing podcasts.

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