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DARK TRANQUILLITY Finally Reveals What That Thing Is On The Damage Done Album Cover

That "thing" has a name, you know.

Mikael Stanne

If you've ever looked at the album art for Dark Tranquillity's 2002 album Damage Done and wondered "what the hell is that?" then you're not alone. Apparently the band has been asked enough times over the years that they've finally taken to Instagram to show off exactly what's going on.

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Long story short, it's just a photo of Dark Tranquillity vocalist Mikael Stanne posing in a kneeled position on the floor holding his head that's been heavily altered. Though we're warning you now – once you see the original photo, you're never going to look at Damage Done the same ever again.

"It still happens that people ask us what the thing on the the cover artwork of Damage Done really is," said Dark Tranquillity in the post. "Swipe to see what can't be unseen. Photo taken by [former guitarist Niklas Sundin] during the during the album recording session at Studio Fredman (in a room that was being renovated, hence the look of the wall and floor). The Kodak DC4800 camera used was state-of-the-art at the time, but would probably be outperformed by most smartphones today."

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