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DANZIG Says New MISFITS Release Is Something The Band Has "Talked About"

Does the world need new Misfits material?


Danzig released one of his Elvis covers this past Friday, and also came a new interview with Rolling Stone. Danzig is pretty elusive, so it was a rare moment to ask some good questions, including the possibility of a new Misfits release.

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Naturally, interviewer Kory Grow asked what the plans were with Misfits in general. At the time of the interview, the band only had one show left on the docket – Mexico's Domination Festival, which ended up being postponed. But then the next line of questioning was pretty interesting:

Have you thought about trying to do a live Misfits release or recording something?
Yeah, we’ll see. It’s something we’ve talked about.

So, it should be noted that Danzig was a little vague with his answer here. The question asked if there would be a "live release or recording something" and Danzig's response was just "Yeah, we'll see." Does he mean they've talked about releasing, say, a live video of their sold out MSG show? That seems more probable than doing another song. He might have only been acknowledging the first part of the question.

But what if he was acknowledging the second part? Would you want to hear a new song from the Misfits?

Speaking of that sold out Garden show, it is cleary something Danzig was very proud of:

Are you happy with the way the Misfits shows have been going?
Yeah. Shit, we sold out Madison Square Garden. As a matter of fact, we oversold it. Back in the day, all the bigwig promoters and record label people were like, “A punk band will never headline Madison Square Garden.” And of course, we’re the first punk band to headline there. And not only did we sell it out, we oversold it. So a big fuck you to all those assholes, who are probably selling hotdogs on Sixth Avenue.

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