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DANK SLAMS: GODSFARM Wages A Holy War Slam-Style With New Song "Malignant Crusade"!

Posted by on May 11, 2017 at 6:07 pm

Sometimes slam surprises. Sometimes, when you least expect it, you are hit square in the man-tits with something wholly different and refreshingly unique. Today's dank is one of those times. As I sit here listening to today's exclusive – sipping on my iced cappuccino – I can't help but make a correlation between my deliciously creamy, slightly-frozen beverage and the slams being hammered directly into my cranium. Both are smooooooth and oh-so inviting!

OK. Maybe a delicious fucking cup-of-frozen-joe is not the best comparison (be right back… grabbing another one). So, let's try this again…

Anyone remember the game Castle Crashers from a few years back?  Imagine, if you will, that the four tiny pixelated crusaders in Castle Crashers were a slam band. If this were a thing, they'd be The Netherlands GODSFARM. Think crusading knights, rushing off to do battle with stereotypical medieval video game antagonists – a band of tiny pixelated crusaders cleansing the land of religious heretics, set to a not-so-4-bit slam soundtrack (side note: if you are reading this, random slam musician, we need more 4-bit slam!).

Perhaps we are way off-base describing the sound and themes of Godsfarm. Let the one-man band himself explain it. Take it away, Tijn!

"This EP I’m putting out will probably be my most ponderous and brutal work. I’ve worked and experimented incredibly hard to finally achieve the sound that I've had in my head, gnarling to come out. I’ve created a thick foundation of low-end drums, and pounding guitars to fit with my new vision of my brutal death metal style. Malignant Crusade tells us the story of a warband of sacred Templar Knights who are out for vengeance against the Saracens, the ones who have dishonored and assaulted their holy grounds for far too long."

There ya have it – straight from the Destrier's/Palfrey's/Pack-Horse's mouth. Take his word for it…. this fucking song crushes. The low-end alone sounds like a sea of Templar Knights crossing a vast, fog-covered plain on horseback – on their way to vanquish a formidable enemy. Oh, did we forget to mention that "Malignant Crusade" also features the incredibly brutal talents of one Jorel Hart of Disinhume? Yep. This shit just keeps getting better and better.

Let's do this…

If this interests you, head here for more info as it becomes available.

On a completely separate note, our good friends over at Slam Worldwide can use your help. Their resident furball, Dexter, recently went under the surgeon's knife. It was a costly procedure. As such, they've setup a gofund me campaign to help with some of the financial burden. Get your wallets and give back if you can, as SW certainly has given us all soooo much over the years!

Head here to help out!

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