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Dani Filth Discusses His Failed Supergroup With ENSLAVED, GORGOROTH, And VOLBEAT Members

Members of Dimmu Borgir and Rob Zombie too.

Members of Dimmu Borgir and Rob Zombie too.

Back in 2013, we posted a demo track (below) titled "Infernal Desire Machine" by a supergroup named Temple Of The Black Moon. The band consisted of Cradle Of Filth vocalist Dani Filth, bassist King from Gorgoroth, guitarists Ice Dale from Enslaved and Rob Caggiano from Volbeat, and drummer John Tempesta from The Cult and White Zombie.

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Unfortunately, that was the last we ever heard from Temple Of The Black Moon, and according to Filth, it might not ever surface.

"Actually, all the drums and the bass parts are still sitting with a record label. This is my opinion, when Rob left Anthrax the manager shelved it because he didn’t want Rob being distracted from earning loads of money for it. If that makes any sense. This was only a couple of years ago that it was recorded, and it’s a brilliant album.

The working album title was ‘CNT (all that’s missing is you)’ – it would have been amazing! I don’t know if it’s ever going to see the light of day, we wrote ten songs over roughly a four-year span and they’re all amazing – in fact I want Devilment to cover all of it – it might be the only way around the problem to be fair."

Filth says it would probably be "too late" for the record to come out now because it would "sound primeval." With the resurgence of straightforward rock and rock-driven extreme metal, I don't think Temple Of The Black Moon would be horribly out of place today, but I also don't know what the rest of the record sounded like… so maybe it would? Unless he really just wants to keep the material for Devilment.

Filth also says "the guy from Dimmu Borgir" was going to do keys on the album too, but I'm not sure who he means. Does he mean Shagrath?

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